Intellectual Shrapnel (kristy_chan) wrote in h_l_i,
Intellectual Shrapnel

A Week In The Life Of Someone With No Conscience

I am painfully short on my rent, which was due on the 1st. I keep thinking "Oh, I'll just make it all this weekend. NO BIG DEAL!" I didn't show up to work for a week & then I called today, pretending to have the flu. I keep spending my meager amount of rent money on junk food & Diet Cokes. I was going to spend my off-work time writing something arrogant and pretentious for school, but instead I've just slept, gossiped, and internet-ed the whole time.

I also want to hook up with someone who is totally racist and hates fat people. I mean, I can be PC later, like after we hump, right?

Also, lately even though I am supposedly a feminist, I wear this necklace with a big STEAK pendant that fellow HLI-er coneythemp got for me. The meat dangles provocatively in my cleavage. MY BOOBS = PIECE OF MEAT! Lesbians hate meat & women who like being "a piece of meat", so that means, I am just really bad. Speaking of bad, the other week, I was in a B/D session, and I told my client to spank me harder & harder & now I have a big giant bruise. I mostly just couldn't help but think how sexy it looks when my bruise peeks out from my super-femme mini skirt, which I will be wearing in the winter weather because I am irresponsible.

The end.
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